Teams of specialists

Specialized immunology teams

The INCIT brings together a wide range of skills in its four teams, each composed of researchers, teacher-researchers, doctoral and post-doctoral students, as well as engineers, technicians and administrative staff.

The whole unit has a common objective: to decipher the cellular and molecular mechanisms associated with immune responses in order to develop immunotherapeutic strategies.

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Team 1

Modulation of immune and inflammatory responses.

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TEAM 2 Incit

Team 2

Clinical and translational research in proliferative and inflammatory skin diseases.

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Team 3

Anti-tumor immunosurveillance and immunotherapy.

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Team 4

Pathophysiology and immune responses to M. Ulcerans.

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Incit has also

A support team

The organisation of the INCIT is supported by a support team, composed of administrative, financial, communication, logistical, health and safety departments. 

Full organisation chart of the unit

Find below the global staffing of the unit in pdf format

About us

Created in 2022, the INCIT(Immunology and New Concepts in Immunotherapy) research unit, directed by Frédéric Altare, is based on the desire to focus thescientific expertise of the immunology and immunotherapy teams on different pathological contexts: inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases.


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Doctoral students and post-docs

Locations - Nantes and Angers