The Incit teams

Support Team

Administration, financial management, communication, logistics, health and safety

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A multi-faceted team at the service of the Institute 

The administrative, HR, communication and logistics support service assists the management and researchers of the unit.

The team is coordinated by Valérie Pecqueretwho is also in charge of managing the unit's allocations, human resources, internal/external communication and monitoring the unit's indicators.

Bertrand Latrobe, lab manager, is in charge of everything related to the unit's logistics (equipment maintenance, contacts with suppliers and management of breakdowns and work). He is also involved in financial management.

Aurore Vanpoucke is in charge of the financial management and assists the administrative manager in the management of human resources

Kamel El Yayahoui, is a logistics technician, and is also in charge of stock management and deliveries.

Hélène Lamy is in charge of the laundry and assists the logistics technician.

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administrative team incit nantes

Above, from left to right;

Bertrand Latrobe, Aurore Vanpoucke, Kamel El Yayahoui, Valérie Pecqueret

The Health & Safety team consists of Jézabel Rocher and Caroline Vignes. 

administrative team incit nantes

We entrust specific missions to Jezabel Rocher and Caroline Vignes, both Prevention Assistants. They are assisted in these tasks by the members of the "health and safety" committee, made up of representatives from each team, and responsible for implementing general safety measures within each team and in the unit. In addition to the general procedures, dedicated staffs are assigned to specific risks:
- Chemical and biological risks: dedicated persons are Jézabel Rocher, referred to as the local health and safety officer for our unit, and Bruno Pitard (team 1).
- The use of biological agents (micro-organisms, toxins, human cells, human samples, etc.). The risks are mainly assessed by two dedicated people, Jézabel Rocher, referred to as the local health and safety officer for our unit, and Laurent Marsollier for the Angers site (team 4).

As regards general prevention, Jézabel Rocher and the health and safety committee are responsible for:
- training all new staff arriving in the unit: welcome booklet including health and safety procedures.
- informing all members of the unit of new procedures (e.g. waste management).
- Setting up and monitoring a health and safety register at work: general regulations of the University of Nantes and Angers and availability of emergency equipment.
- the implementation of registers for toxic products and dedicated storage cabinets.

In addition, all new staff must complete and validate the Inserm online training

In addition, Laurent Marsollier is in charge of the organisation of biosafety laboratories (BSL2 and BSL3 levels) (operational procedures, etc.).