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Frequently asked questions

What does INCIT mean?

Immunology and New Concepts in Immunotherapy

What are the research themes of INCIT?

The development of research programmes in immunology and immunotherapy, in
different pathological contexts: inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases.

What are the main areas/areas of research of INCIT?

Inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases

What is the overall strategy of the INCIT unit?

Identify molecular and cellular targets, develop tools to reach or modulate these targets to implement innovative immunotherapy strategies

How many research teams in INCIT?

 4 research teams, 3 in Nantes, 1 in Angers.

How long has INCIT been in existence?

The INCIT unit was officially created in January 2022, but brings together research teams that have been at the origin of the immunotherapy theme in the region for over 30 years.

Where is the INCIT Unit located?

Three of our unit's teams are located in the IRS2 building, on the island of
Nantes, a very recent building which groups together several research units, platforms
(Imaging, cytometry, animal house, recombinant proteins, L3), and biotechs. This building
is located in the immediate vicinity of the future university hospital district of Nantes. A
team of our Unit is located on the University hospital campus of Angers, also at
near the technological platforms.

Where can I do a thesis or a post-doc in the field of Immunotherapy in Western France?

The UMR INCIT is a choice site to initiate a career in this field, you will benefit from the supervision of researchers and teacher-researchers (UFR Sciences, UFR Pharmacy, UFR Medicine) with an experience of more than 30 years in immunotherapy (1st clinical trial in Europe of cancer immunotherapy published in 2002)

Where can I find a placement for a Master's degree in Immunotherapy?

INCIT teams regularly welcome Master trainees for immunotherapy projects in the fields of inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases.

What are the technological platforms from which INCIT members benefit?

The INCIT unit has access to all the platforms grouped within theUMS Biocore/SFR
Santé in Nantes, and the SFR ICAT in Angers. Some of these platforms (Cytometry, Imaging, Animal facility, Recombinant proteins and L3) are located in the building hosting the INCIT Unit.